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malcome glazer

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Q: Who is the current owner of Manchester United?
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Who is the owner of Manchester united?

Malcolm Glazer

Owner of Manchester United?

Glazer Family

Who is Manchester United's current Brazilian player?

The current Brazalian footballer in Manchester United is a young defender Rafael Dsilva.

Who is the owner of Manchester united fc?

The unpopular Glazer families are the owners of Manchester United.

When did Manchester United get its current name?

Manchester United was originally known as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, and changed its name to Manchester United in 1902.

How many current Manchester United players are from Manchester?

Only Paul Scholles and Gary Neville are from Manchester u.

What is the current roster for Manchester United?

Click on the link to your right for the current roster.

How much money has Manchester united got?

Nothing their owner is in debt

Who is Manchester United's current coach?

Sir Alex Ferguson.

What are Manchester United player number in 2013?

current is 7th

Who is the current captain of Manchester united 2012?

Nemanja Vidic :)

Who is the owner of the Manchester united football club?

The Glazier family