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James ollgy from south America made a world record record of 2.45 meters

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Javier Sotomayor //// 2.45 meters

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Q: Who is the current Male world record holder for high jump?
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Who is the current male 100m olympic record holder?

Usain Bolt

What is the only standard track and field event in which a British male athlete is the current world record holder?

I'm not sure if this is the only event, but Jonathan Edwards of Great Britain is the world record holder in the triple jump with a jump of 18.29 meters.

Which is the only standard outdoor track and field event in which a british male is the current world record holder?

Jonathan Edwards, Triple Jump 18m 29 - over 60 feet

Who is the Record holder for 100m and 200m male?

Usain Bolt

Name of the male and female world record holder in the shot put the country distance region?

Male- Randy Barnes(USA) 23.12mFemale-Natalya Lisovskaya(Soviet Union) 22.63

Who is the Record holder of male and female 100 and 200 meter?

male: Usain Bolt female: Flornce Griffith-Joyner

Which jamaican male is the fourth fastest 100m runner ever?

The Jamaica national record holder for the 100 meters is world record holder Asafa Powell, with a time of 9.74 seconds. -------------------------------------------------- Usain Bolt with 9.58s on 16th August 2009

What is the world record 2 mile run?

The mile and a half run is extremely rarely, if ever contested by elite runners. However based on current world records for the mile and two mile, we can infer that the world record if it were commonly contested would probably be about 5:50.

Who holds the current World record in the mens 100 meters sprint?

Usain Bolt, from Jamaica, holds the current world record for the Men's 100m Sprint. His winning time it 9.58 seconds. While the Women's record holder has been Florence Griffith-Joyner since 1988 with 10.49 seconds.

Who is the male world record holder for high jump?

some black guy. it would be mexican, but they can't afford to get to track competitions. i mean, they hav practice jumping over fences so they would be amazing

Which African American male holds a world record in a track and field event?

One African American male who holds a T&F world record is Michael Johnson in the 400m dash.

What are the baton twirling world records?

As far as I know, the spin record for a Female is 9 spins. However the record for male is 11. The record was almost broke. The female record must now be at least 10 spins according to this video But I am not sure if it is the most current recorded.