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Matt Puccia is the crew chief for NASCAR driver Greg Biffle and the #16 3M/Bondo car.

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Q: Who is the crew chief for Greg Biffle?
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What is the birth name of Greg Biffle?

Greg Biffle's birth name is Gregory Jack Biffle.

What nicknames does Greg Biffle go by?

Greg Biffle goes by The Biff.

How tall is Greg Biffle?

Greg Biffle is listed at 5' 9" tall.

What is Greg Biffle's birthday?

Greg Biffle was born on December 22, 1969.

When was Greg Biffle born?

Greg Biffle was born on December 22, 1969.

What were the names of Greg Biffle's Nascar Cup Series pit crew in 2011?

Greg Biffle's 2011 Nascar Cup Series pit crew:Crew Chief - Greg ErwinCar Chief - Will SmithSpotter - Joel EdmondsGas Man - Ryan DextraseJackman - Rodney FettersFront Tire Changer - Mike LingerfeltFront Tire Carrier - Collin PasiRear Tire Changer - Kyle PowerRear Tire Carrier - Kevin McDowell

What are the names of Greg Biffle's Nascar Cup Series pit crew in 2012?

Greg Biffle's 2012 Cup Series Pit Crew:Crew Chief - Matt PucciaCar Chief - Ritchie LetendreSpotter - Joel EdmondsGas Man - Robert BestJackman - Sean MeckelsonFront Tire Changer - Kevin NovakFront Tire Carrier - Bryan HuittRear Tire Changer - Curtis ThompsonRear Tire Carrier - Justin Edgell

How old is Greg Biffle?

Stock car driver Greg Biffle is 48 years old (birthdate: December 22, 1969).

How much is Greg Biffle worth?


How many races has Greg Biffle won in the Nascar Cup Series?

Greg Biffle has won 16 Nascar Cup Series races.

How much money did Greg Biffle earn in 2010?

In 2010, in a 36 race schedule, Greg Biffle earned $4,966,010. in race winnings.

Did Greg Biffle win a race in 2009?

Greg Biffle did not win a Nascar Sprint Cup race in 2009, but he did win 2 Nationwide Series races.

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