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Millwall FC

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Q: Who is the closest football team to London town center?
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Does Iowa have a pro football team?

no, the closest thing that they have to a pro football team is the Iowa barnstormers which is in the afl

What football team is closest to river mersey?


Is Tottenham a London football team?


What is London football team name?

London does not have just 1 football team - it is made up of many teams. For example in the 2007/2008 season there are 5 premiership football teams based in London.

What makes London London?

because it is the capital of England and most of the football team are in London

What AFL team do one direction support?

London football team

Which London Football team did Danny Dyer support in The Football Factory?


What football team has its ground closest to the river thames?

Fulham f.c.

Which hockey team in the National Hockey league plays out of the Score center?

There is not a hockey team in the National Hockey League that plays out of the Score Centre. There is a sports site that is called the Score Centre and there is an arena in London called Score Centre that is home to a London football team.

What football team has its ground closest to the river mersey?

Closest football ground to the Stockport. The river runs right around the back of the stadium.

What is North Dakota's NFL football team?

There is no NFL football team located in North Dakota.When they don't have a "local" team to root for, NFL fans usually follow whatever team is closest. Geographically, the NFL team closest to North Dakota is the Minnesota Vikings.

Where does the English football team play in London?

Wembley Stadium

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