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Indian GM Viswanathan "Vishy" Anand

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Q: Who is the chess champion in 2011?
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What is the world champion of chess called?

Chess World Champion

Who is the chess champion?

The current world chess champion is Viswanathan Anand

Who is the chess champion who wrote a book about another chess champion?

The answer is Garry Kasparov.

Who is the First Indian chess champion?

The first Indian chess champion is/was Vishy Anand

Who was the women's chess champion of 2008?

The women's chess champion for 2008 was Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Who is current world chess champion in world?

The current chess champion is Viswanathan Anand.

Who was the early Russian chess champion known as the 'Human chess machine'?

Garry Kasparov is a Russian chess champion who is famous for playing against chess playing robots.He is not known as the human chess machine.Jose Raul Capablanca was the chess champion who was known as the human chess machine.

Is Fischer the world Chess Champion?

Bobby Fischer is not the current World Chess Champion. Anand is.

Who is the male champion of CHESS in india?

Viswanathan Anand is the current World Chess Champion as well as an Indian Grand Chess-master .

Who was the first American world chess champion?

The first American World Chess Champion was Robert Fisher.

Who is the current chess champion?


Is the word champion a noun or a verb?

The word champion is both a noun and a verb; champion is also an adjective. Example uses: Noun: Mark was the district champion at the chess tournament. Verb: Mark plans to champion the availability of chess at all the schools in the district. Adjective: Mark is a champion chess player and a champion person.

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