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Q: Who is the chairman of dlf?
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What does DLF stands for in IPL?

DLF of DLF IPL stands for Delhi Lease & Finance. DLF Limited is the largest commercial real estate developer in India.

Why the name dlf ipl?

DLF was the sponser of the IPL for the seasons for three years hence the name was dlf Ipl

What does DLF in the Indian premier league stand for?

DLF stands for DLF Limited the chief sponsor for the IPL tournament. DLF is a leading real estate and infrastructure company in India.

What is the population of DLF Limited?

DLF Limited's population is 3,542.

What is the population of DLF-TRIFOLIUM?

The population of DLF-TRIFOLIUM is 2,010.

When was DLF-TRIFOLIUM created?

DLF-TRIFOLIUM was created in 1988.

What is DLF-TRIFOLIUM's population?

The population of DLF-TRIFOLIUM is 11.

When was DLF Limited created?

DLF Limited was created in 1946.

What is dlf in ipl matches?

DLF stands for DLF Ltd the title sponsor for the Indian Premier League T20 Cricket tournament

What does the abbreviation 'DLF' stand for?

"DLF" stand for "Delhi Land and Finance."

How do you become an employee at DLF?

If one wants to become an employee at DLF real estate services, they would have to send their resume to DLF. The contact information is on their website.

What does the company DLF offer to its customers?

DLF is a company located in India. According to their website, DLF specializes in the development of commercial, retail as well as residential properties.