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The captain of the Washington Capitals in 2012 was Alexander Ovechkin.

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Q: Who is the captain of the Washington Capitals for the 2012?
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Who was the Washington capitals first captain?


Who is the Washington Capitals team captain?

Alexander Ovechkin.

Is the Washington Capitals Nicklas Backstrom single?

there captain is chris clark

Captain of the Washington capitals?

Brooks Laich, Nicklas Backstrom, Mike Knuble, and Troy Brouwer are all listed as assistant captains on the Washington Capitals roster. However, only two assistant captains are allowed to wear the assistant captain patch in a game. Laich and Backstrom are usually the two that sport the "A's" on their chest in Capitals' games.

When was the last time the Washington capitals were in the playoffs?

the year of 2012

Who is the couch for the Washington capitals?

The coach for the Washington Capitals is Bruce Boudreau.

How long have the Washington capitals been in the NHL?

The Washington Capitals have been in the NHL for 37 years since entering in 1974.

What Washington capitals player gave Crosby his concussion?

a washington capitals player

What are the release dates for NHL on NBC - 2006 Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals 6-19?

NHL on NBC - 2006 Boston Bruins at Washington Capitals 6-19 was released on: USA: 22 April 2012

Where does the Washington capitals train?

The Washington Capitals practice at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex, which is on top of the parking garage at the Ballston Common Mall.

How much are the Washington capitals worth?

As of 2014, the Washington Capitals are worth $183 million dollars.

What is Marcus Johansson's number on the Washington Capitals?

Marcus Johansson is number 90 on the Washington Capitals.