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Peter Shilton has the most caps for England (125 or 126) although I suspect it may be an Irish player. Definately Peter Shilton 126 caps for England

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Q: Who is the british football player with the most international caps?
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What football player has the highest number of international caps?

Ahmad Hassan of Egypt with around 184 caps

Who is the most capped international football player who has played football in the English premier league?

For England it is Peter Shilton with 126 caps.

Who is the welsh football player with the most international caps?

The most caped Welsh Footballer is Ryan Giggs.

Who is the most capped player in international football?

Soh Chin Aun of Malaysia. 252 caps. True Story

Who is the most capped football player never to score a goal?

As of 2012, the male player with the most caps and with no international goals is Saudi Arabian Mohamed Al-Deayea, who has 178 international caps. Counting only outfield players, Aide Iskandar, a retired Singaporean defender with 121 international caps, is the most capped outfield player who failed to score a single international goal.

Who has won the most consecutive international caps in football?

Kevin Kilbane, 62 consequtive caps for Ireland?

Who is the British footballer with the most international caps?

David beckam

Football how many international caps has john terry won?


What does caps mean is soccer?

"Caps" is the number of International Matches a player has played in for their country.

Which Newcastle player has the most international caps?

Shay Given has won 78 caps for Ireland as a Newcastle player...

Who has won the most international football caps for Wales?

For wales it has to be Ryan giggs.

What does caps mean in football?

The number of caps a player has, represents how many times they have played for their country internationaly.

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