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Q: Who is the black man that ran the marathon?
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Is the sentence you have ran a marathon the correct verb tense?

No. It should be either "You have run a marathon" or "You ran a marathon".

Greek runner who died at the end of a 126 mile run?

The runner you are referring to is the man who ran 26.1 miles. It was after the battle of Marathon. Sadly we do not know the name of the man, however the legend is that after the victory in Marathon, a Greek solider ran from Marathon to Rome to proclaim the news. The second he arrived, he told the king, and promptly died.

How did you come up with the word marathon?

a man ran a long way and died because of it they decided to name it a marathon the first olympics started` in the 1800 's

What was the nationality of the man who was leading the marathon in the 2004 Olympics before he got knocked over by someone who ran out of the crowd?


When was the marathon held?

in greece when a soldier ran from marathon to athens by foot and died

Who ran fastest half marathon veteran class?

fastest vet for half marathon

Is marathon an Olympic sport?

The word marathon comes from Greece. After a war a man ran the 26 odd miles to deliver the message that they had won a war, he uttered the message and then collapsed and then died. In memory of this man a marathon is run the exact distance he ran.

Fastest marathon ran?

10 seconds

Who is the athenian who ran from marathon to athens?


Which person ran the first marathon?


How many people ran the Arizona half marathon in 2010?

The number of people who ran the Arizona half marathon in 2010 were roughly 7,800 people.

The marathon is said to be based on the distance Pheidippides a Greek soldier ran from the city of Marathon to what other Greek city?

Pheidippides ran 150 miles from Marathon to Sparta, then another 22 miles to Athens.