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The last 3 years have been like this:

(Note that the Panthers are in the NFC and the Texans are in the AFC)


Texans: Record: 8-8 | Conf. pos.: 8th | League pos.: 15th

Panthers: Record: 7-9 | Conf. pos.: 10th | League pos.: 19

Texans are better!


Texans: Record: 8-8 | Conf. pos.: 9th | League pos.: 18th

Panthers: Record: 12-4 | Conf. pos.: 2nd | League pos.: 2nd

Panthers are MUCH better!!!


Texans: Record: 9-7 | Conf. pos.: 7th | League pos.: 13th

Panthers: Record: 8-8 | Conf. pos.: 8th | League pos.: 16th

Texans are better!

So, if you consider how much better the Panthers were in 2008, you could think the panthers were better, but, if you consider that the Texans beat the Panthers 2 years out of 3, you could also consider that the Texans were better.

I think the Texans are better, but that's just because I live in Texas.

Make your own decision!

P. S. This answer was during the 2010 off-season. In the future (after the 2010-11 season) could someone please update this answer?

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Q: Who is the better team Carolina Pathers or Houston Texans?
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