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Ryan Sheckler!

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โˆ™ 2009-11-23 12:17:02
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Q: Who is the better skateboarder Andrew Reynolds or Ryan Sheckler?
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What skateboarder is better Ryan Sheckler or Jermey Rogers?

Ryan Sheckler, but it is an opinion

Who is a better skateboarder Ryan sheckler or Rob Dyrdek?

This is more of a condescending question than factual, i say it goes to Sheckler. Dyrdek just has a larger public awareness because hes an entrepreneur on top of being a great boarder.

Who is better daewon song or Rodney mullen?

i think that Ryan sheckler is the best

Who is better the skateboarder Tony Hawk or Snow boarder Shaun White?

Shaun White is way Better

Who is the most famous skate boarder?

I am. I am better than Ryan Sheckler. And I am only 15

What has the author Siimon Reynolds written?

Siimon Reynolds has written: 'Better Than Chocolate'

Is Philip Andrew better than Ricardo media?

philip andrew is better

Is tony arce a good skateboarder?

he is better than most skateboarders than Ive seen

Is duke or villanova better in basketball?

Villanova is better, because of Scottie Reynolds

Who do you think is a better skateboarder - Tony Alva or Tony Hawk?

WOW! I mean, Tony Hawk is a SKATEBOARD LEGEND!!!!! He is the most awsomest skateboarder ever!!!!!!I would think Tony Hawk is the best.

Who is better skater toney hawk or Ryan sheckler?

Ryan scheckler!i mean he is totaly hottttt,is great at what he does!And im not just saying that because he is hott,he is but he is way betterCome on people it's Ryan Scheckler people!(::u spelt tony wrong, and that is a Scheckler chick.^ No Tony is. But dude, they are two different styles, Tony is vert and sheckler is street. There are better street skaters than sheckler too

Who is better Ryan sheckler or Tony Hawk?

Neither, it's all opinion. Personally I think Rodney Mullen's the best

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