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Coach luttrull (chad Luttrull)by PNG fans!!

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Q: Who is the better high school soccer coach in the world?
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Who is the current head coach of Germany's soccer team during the world cup?

The German coach was Joachim Low.

What is the name of the head coach of the Italian soccer team Juventus?

The Italian coach for the 2010 world cup was marceillo Lippi, but he has resigned as coach after their dreadful world cup.

Who is 2010 Portugal world cup soccer team coach?

Carlos Queiroz.

Who is the coach of the German soccer team at the 2010 world cup in south Africa?

Joachim Low

Is football the most played sport in the world?

no it is soccer. 1002million people play soccer AND soccer is better!

What is the name of the coach who has coached 5 different countries in the soccer world cup?

It is the Brazilian Alberto Perriera.

Who is the better soccer player in the world?

Cristiano ronaldo

What could you ask a soccer coach to give you a choice to play soccer as an alternative?

tell them that Asaad Tannous in the best player in the world and that he is so inspirational #yolo

Is maradona the best soccer player in the world?

No not exactly , but Maradona is the coach of Argentina.

Is skateboarding better than soccer?

Soccer is by far the better game to play then the skateboard.And soccer is most watched game in the world. The viewers for the world cup prove it.

Are Chelsea the best soccer team in the world?

No Barcelona are better.

Which is better FIFA 14 or FIFA World Cup 2014?

Which is better fifa 14 or 2014 World Cup soccer