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Q: Who is the best team on NFL blitz to play with?
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When did NFL Blitz happen?

NFL Blitz happened in 1997.

When was NFL Blitz created?

NFL Blitz was created on 1998-09-10.

What actors and actresses appeared in NFL Blitz - 1998?

The cast of NFL Blitz - 1998 includes: Tim Kitzrow

Does an NFL team play in Alabama?


Best team on NFL?

Dallas Cowboys Best Team

Why are the Dallas Cowboys the best in the NFL?

Currently, they are not the best team in the NFL.

What is the code for NFL Rush Zone Blitz Botz Blitz?

the code is football

What NFL team did suge knight play for?

He didn't play in the NFL he played for the collage team UNLV

Could the best team in college beat the worst team in the NFL?

There is not a chance in the whole world that the best college team beat the worst NFL team!

What song is it the one that is played at the video before starting to play on NFL Blitz 20-02?

crash by methods of mayhem

Are the Indianapolis Colts the best team in the NFL?

Yes and they will always be the best team in the NFL because they have Peyton Manning the BEST quarterback EVER!!

What are all the codes to NFL BLITZ?