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jalen young in 5th grade

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Q: Who is the best soccer player at mountain view elementary school?
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What elementary school did mia hamm go to?

It is not known what elementary school former soccer player Mia Hamm went to. Mia Hamm attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What are the dimensions of an elementary school soccer field?

140 children x 105.5 children

What is the poupular sport at school?

It depends on age group. Soccer for Elementary. Football 4 Middle and high school

Was Cristiano Renaldo homeschooled?

no Ronaldo was schooled in the elementary and middle and high school in Portugal and in High school was were he discovered his soccer greatness.

What school is best for a soccer player?

IUPUI in Indiana is great for soccer lovers.

Can a soccer player get drafted out of high school?


What education did Pele have?

Pele only had an elementary school education before making it big in the field of soccer. However, he had no high school or college experience.

How many years do you have to go to school to be a pro soccer player?

None, you can be illiterate and play soccer.

What should you take in high school or college to become a professional soccer player?

Ummm play soccer?

Who is the number one high school soccer player?

Cameron DeJong

What sports are the most popular with elementary school students?

The popularity of sports is often gender-based with elementary school age students. For boys, football and basketball are the dominant sports in that order. For girls, soccer and softball are the two most popular.

How long do you need to go to school to become soccer player?

You do not have to complete school, but it is highly recommended you do.

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