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Brian Lima of Samoa

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Q: Who is the best rugby tackler in the world?
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Who is the best football tackler?

Lawrence Taylor

Who are the top 100 rugby players in the world for 2012?

The best rugby player in the world of 2012 is.... Dylan Hartley

What is Best rugby club in the world?

the best rugby club in the world is chepstow rfc rather obvious question though i suppose all questions deserve an answer

What is the best sports game in the world?

Rugby, easily

How did the all blacks get into the rugby world cup?

They are the best team in the world obviously

Who is currently the best rugby player in the world?

jarrod hayne

Who is the best rugby hooker in the world?

Bismarck du Plessis

What rugby position should you play you are quite tall quite fast great at dogging average tackler and good passer please answer quick?

Winger or outside center.

4.56 40 clean 90kg bench 90kg squat 150kg I am a good tackler and I'm very agile Never played American football before only rugby what position would suit me best?

Safety or a linebacker would be a good fit

Why is Jonah lomu famous to New Zealandand why?

Well duhh he is a famous rugby player well actually the best rugby player well he was so if you don't agree well you just ain't a rugby fan and he was the best rugby winger in the world

Did America made rugby league?

Amercia didn't create the best game in the world which is "Rugby League". But America does play Rugby League, which is ÄMNRL. It is increasing it's popularity.

What is the best ball sport in the world?

Basketball, Cricket, baseball, Rugby... (You have to agree with me! )