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Cam Newton

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Q: Who is the best rookie quarterback ever?
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Has a rookie quarterback ever gone to the Super Bowl?

No rookie quarterback has ever gone to the Super Bowl.

Rookie qb to start a superbowl?

No rookie quarterback has ever started in a Super Bowl game.

Was there ever a rookie qb to finish a Super Bowl game?

No rookie Quarterback has ever competed in the Superr bowl as a starter.

Has a rookie ever won super bowl mvp?

Kurt Warner was the only rookie quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl.

What rookie quarterback has ever taken a team to the playoffs?

Ben Roethlisberger

Who is the best rookie quarterback?

Matthew Stafford of the Detroit lions

Who is considered the best quarterback?

The best quarterback ever would have to be Johnny Unitas.

Has rookie quarterback ever won division?

Yes, Mark Sanchez has won the divisional playoffs.

Who is the best rookie receiver this year?

A.J. Green is the best rookie WR ever!!

Who is the toughest quarterback of all time in the NFL?

Brett Favre is THE toughest quarterback ever. He is also the BEST quarterback ever.

Any rookie quarterback loss in a Super Bowl?

No, because no rookie quarterback has been to the super bowl.

Who is the best quarterback to ever play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Fran Tarkenton is the best quarterback to ever play for the minnesota vikings

Is Brett Favre the greatest quarterback ever?

yes Brett favre is the best quarterback ever

Best quarterback ever?

Peyton Manning

Who was the best quarterback ever?

John Elway

Who is quarterback for Indianapolis Colts?

only the best quarterback ever, mr Peyton manning

Who has best winning percentage of any rookie quarterback?

Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers) has the best winning percentage by far.

Is Brett Favre the best quarterback ever?


Who was the best nfl quarterback ever?

terry bradshaw

Who is the best quarterback ever in 2010?

Matt Ryan

Who is the best giants quarterback ever?

Eli manning

Which NFL quarterback broke the record for most passing yards by a rookie and most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in his rookie year?

Cam Newton

What was the best start for a rookie quarterback?

Joe Flacco for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2008-2009 season. He lead them to a 11-5 record and to the AFC Championship game. He was also the first rookie quarterback to win 2 playoff games.

Who is the best nfl quarterback player ever?

aaron rodgers

Has there ever been a third string quarterback who led the team to the playoffs?

texans rookie TJ Yates year 2011-2012