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Q: Who is the best quarterback in 2007 in NFL?
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When did NFL Quarterback Club happen?

National Football League Quarterback Challenge ended in 2007.

Who is or was the best NFL quarterback?

joe Montana

Who was an NFL quarterback from Miami of Ohio?

The best known currently starting NFL quarterback is Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who is the best NFL quarterback this year?

drew brees

Who was the best quarterback in the history of the NFL?

Johnny unitas.

What quarterback in the NFL had the best stats?

Jim Kelly

Who was the best nfl quarterback ever?

terry bradshaw

What is Jay Cutler best known as?

An NFL quarterback.

Who is the best nfl quarterback of 2011?

Michael Vick

Who has the best quarterback record in the NFL?

joe Montana

What are opinions on the best NFL quarterback for 2006?

Peyton Manning

Which quarterback has the best percentage in NFL history?

Steve Young