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Johnny Unitus

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Q: Who is the best qb in football as of now?
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Is Brett Favre the best quarterback in the NFL?

Ever or right now? I believe the best QB in football right now is Peyton Manning and the best QB ever is Joe Montana.

Who is the best football qb?

Peton Manning is a possible awnser

Who is the best QB now playing in the NFL?

Tom Brady is a decent Qb, but the best are Peyton Manning and Tony Romo

IS Tim Tebow a good football player?

Yes, he is the best rushing QB in the NFL.

Who is Tim Rattay?

Tim Rattay is a football player, a qb. He is now a coach at Louisiana Tech.

Whose the best quarterback in college football?

Everybody knows its Cam Newton QB for the Auburn Tigers

MVP player for Super Bowl 2010?

Drew Brees, the best QB to ever play football!

Who is Goffinet?

PEHS football QB

What does the QB do in football?

play madden

What is the difference between QB and QB-PP in football?

A QB-PP is a pocket passer quarterback and then you have QB-DT which means a dual threat quarterback.

Who is Texas Longhorns Best football player?

Colt McCoy is their QB Their WRs are Jordan Shipley and Quan Cosby

What are the best football cleats for a QB?

Hi-Top Sneakers Or The Sketchers that flash lights