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in my opinion the best player as defense is Dani Alves the best player as midfielder is Ricardo Kaka and the best striker is Robinho in Brazil's team.

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Q: Who is the best player playing for Brazil in the world cup?
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Who are Brazil's most famous people?

kaka is the best player in Brazil's team and the world

Is Brazil the best player of the world?

Brazil is a football team but is considered to be the best football team of all time.

Who is the better player than Ronaldinho in Brazil?

Ronaldinho is still the best player in Brazil though Kaka comes close. Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal is the best player in the world.

Who was voted best player in 1994 world cup?

Romario (Brazil)

Who is the best player in 1998 FIFA World Cup?

Ronaldo (Brazil)

Who is the best player for Brazil in the 2010 world cup?

It must be Kaka.

Who is the best girl soccer player playing now?

It is Martha of Brazil and Bridgett Prinz of Germany.

Who is the best player on the Brazil team?

aguably ronaldhinio is the best since he is only 30 and has won fifa world player of the year twice

Is Argentina or Brazil the best soccer team in the world?

Brazil ios by far better football playing country then Argentina, as Brazil have won the world cup 5 times, and Argentina have won it only twice.

Who is the the best women soccer player in the world?

Marta from Brazil is the number one player right now. It depends on who you ask to tell you the best women's player of all time.

Who is the best player in Brazil?

lucio inter

Who is brazil's best football player?