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Brazil ios by far better football playing country then Argentina, as

Brazil have won the world cup 5 times, and Argentina have won it only twice.

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Q: Is Argentina or Brazil the best soccer team in the world?
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Is Argentina the best soccer team in the world?

No!i think its Brazil or Spain

Which is the best soccer team?

Its Brazil,Argentina,and Uruguay

Where are the best soccer players in the world from?

There are great players everywhere, but some of the best are from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and Italy

What country has the best record in soccer?

Brazil,Mexico,Argentina,and Spain

Which country is the best in the world at soccer?

The best soccer team is Brazil.

Which soccer team is the best in the world?

Brazil is the BEST!

Who was the world's best soccer player?

It was Pelle from Brazil.

Who is the best at soccer in the world?

Lionel Andrés Messi who plays for Argentina

In what country is soccer the most popular sport?

Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Peru,Uruguay,Spain,Germany,Italy,France every where because soccer is the best sport in the world. P.S. Not the south pole

Which is the second best women' s soccer team in the world?


Who is the best soccer player in Argentina?

Lionel Messi is the best in Argentina

Who is Messi from Uruguay?

Messi is the best soccer player in the world and he plays with Argentina.

Who is the best soccer player in the world 2015?

Lionel Messi (barcelona, Argentina)

Which ten countries are the best at soccer?

Brazil Italy Germany Spain France Argentina Netherlands England Portugal Uruguay

Who is the best player in the world in soccer?

Currently its Higuain , But each country say's a player name for example: France = Zaidane Portugal= Ronaldo Brazil = Pele Argentina = Maradona

Why is soccer so popular in Brazil?

There are various reasons that soccer is so popular in Brazil. For example, there is the fact that the national team is among the best in the world.

Are Brazil Argentina and Spain the best football teams?

Brazil is the best in football . BRAZIL=FOOTBALL

Who are the best soccer players and where are they from?

The best soccer player is Pele. He is from Brazil. Brazil usually have a lot of talented soccer players. They have won five FIFA World Cup titles, which is currently the most by one country.

Three best teams in the world cup?

Brazil , Argentina and Spain are the best you could add Holland.

Is the Italian soccer team the best world soccer team there is?

NO WAY!! Brazil is. Italy isn't the best and neither is Brazil at the moment. Spain is currently the number one international side.

What sport is brazil best at?


Which team is the best international soccer team in the world?

spain is the best team but brazil is good too

When did Brazil the national soccer team become a team?

BRAZIL rocks dude!!!!!IT WON 5 WORLD CUPS AND ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Why are Argentina and Brazil rivals in soccer?

Since the first match in 1914 till the last match on 28th Sept. 2011, the two football teams met each other 98 times, Brazil won 39, Argentina 35, Draw 24. Brazil scored 152 goals, Argentina 150 goals. , announced in 2010 that Brazil always proofed that they are the strongest and the best in football world ,and Argentina comes behind Brazil. And here is a comparison between both teams which clearly show the Brazilian supremacy Brazil 5 world cups, Argentina only 2. Brazil dominates all countries in the world with no exceptions (86 countries),but Argentina (70 countries) is dominated by Italy, Germany, England, Denmark, China, Cameroon, and other two countries. Pele is the best player ever by FIFA.

What soccer team is the best?