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Right now is probably Demarcus Cousins.

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Q: Who is the best player in the Sacramento king basketball team?
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Who is the best baskeball player ever?

The one and only Michael Jordan because he is the king of basketball

Is Micheal Jordan the best basketball player at all-time?

I say he was until king James came along.

Who was the basketball player in the Stephen King movie the stand?

Kareem Abdul-Jabar

Who is Pro basketball player named King?

The Pro basketball ''King'' only means to be the best at playing basketball but that really doesn't matters some of the times. The only thing that matters is what you put on the court when you play. So if you want to be a Pro or just play basketball that's goog because you will already know what to do and all that. So if you want to play basketball go right on and play just remember it doesn't matter what you do what only matters is what you put on the court or the floor.

Why do you think LeBron James is known as King James?

because he is an amazing basketball player

Which basketball player is nicknamed King James?

Lebron James of the Cleveland caveliers

Is LeBron James King James?

They call him that because he IS one of the greatest NBA players. He's not literally a king, but to basketball he is. actually, Lebron was known to be king of Ohio for being the best player ever in ohio, but now that he's in miami his nickname is Bron Bron.

What Tennessee Men's Basketball player has scored the most points against Vanderbilt in a single game?

Bernard king

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King Duffy1

Where is the Martin Luther King Jr. Library in Sacramento located?

The address of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library is: 7340 - 24Th St. Bypass, Sacramento, 95822 4951

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martin Luther king Jr. played football and basketball,and he was probaly one of the best in the school.

When was Rich King - basketball - born?

Rich King - basketball - was born on 1969-04-04.

When was Albert King - basketball - born?

Albert King - basketball - was born on 1959-12-17.

When was Bob King - basketball - born?

Bob King - basketball - was born on 1923-08-23.

When did Bob King - basketball - die?

Bob King - basketball - died on 2004-12-10.

When did George King - basketball - die?

George King - basketball - died on 2006-10-05.

When was George King - basketball - born?

George King - basketball - was born on 1928-08-16.

When was Jim King - basketball - born?

Jim King - basketball - was born on 1941-02-07.

What hotels are located in Sacramento?

There are many hotels located in Sacramento, including Delta King Hotel, Hyatt Regency Sacramento, Le Rivage, The Citizen Hotel, and The Holiday Inn Express.

What actors and actresses appeared in King Basketball - 1952?

The cast of King Basketball - 1952 includes: Ken Heady

What does the term mouse in the house mean in basketball?

It is when a small player is guarding a larger, stronger player in the post. "That's mouse in the house right there... Free cheese" - Stacey King

What actors and actresses appeared in Skye - 2007?

The cast of Skye - 2007 includes: Bart Blackburn as Basketball Player Ryan Hanna King as The Playa

Is Michael Jordan the king of basketball?

yes Michael Jordan is considered the king of basketball and maybe there is someone out there who can challenge or beat him but until then yeah he is!

What are the release dates for VidBlogger Nation - 2011 Sacramento King Queen of Clubland 1-93?

VidBlogger Nation - 2011 Sacramento King Queen of Clubland 1-93 was released on: USA: 19 September 2011

Who is known as the king of soccer?

Pele of Brazil the current ambassador of FIFA is the king of soccer being the best player ever.