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08/09 - Ronaldo - One Hundred Club 07/08 - Steven Gerrartd - MOTM More info at

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โˆ™ 2009-09-20 10:57:27
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Q: Who is the best player in Match Attex 2008?
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Who is the best player in Match Attex 2010?

Fernando Torres

Where can you find Match Attex limited edition cards 2007-2008?

best place I found for these cards is eBay... hope this helps =)

What is the best card you can get in Match Attex 2010?

Wayne Rooney 100 club

What is the best card in Match Attex?

best normal card is Wayne Rooney for England WAYNE ROONEY!

Which Match Attex card is the best in the world?

The Best Card is Ferranando Torres And Cristiano Ronaldo Both Attack And Defence Rating 101

Best Match Attex card ever2009?

David Dunn Limited Edition Match Attax 08/09 Given out by mistake - sells for over £300

Where do you find free Match Attex?

As far as i know no where your best bet is to pay 50p a pack from your local corner shop.

Where do you get Match Attex soccer cards from?

farmers and toyworld best is farmers thay are haveing a sale and the tins cost 5.00 cheap as chips.

What is the limted edition is the best in Match Attex?

Value on eBay wise it is David Dunn Limited Edition, now sells for over £500 More info at

What is the best match atack?

its the one with the football player

The best football player of year 2008 by FIFA?

The best football player of year 2008 by FIFA?

How do you know what the best packet of Match Attex?

(Match Attax 09 10) Well practicly and amazingly i bought 4 packets of match attax and they all had Michael Owen on the bottom right and i got all of the 100 clubs so i prefer getting the packets with the own on the bottom left.

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