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Wayne Rooney 100 club

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Q: What is the best card you can get in Match Attex 2010?
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What is the most rarest Man Of The Match card in the 2009 and 2010 Match Attex?

james milner i believe

What is the best card in Match Attex?

best normal card is Wayne Rooney for England WAYNE ROONEY!

Which Match Attex card is the best in the world?

The Best Card is Ferranando Torres And Cristiano Ronaldo Both Attack And Defence Rating 101

Number of Match Attex card?


Where can you get the Match Attex trophy card?


Can you get David Beckham Match Attex card?

yes you can

Best Match Attex card ever2009?

David Dunn Limited Edition Match Attax 08/09 Given out by mistake - sells for over £300

Match Attex cards?

they are a trading card game in Scotland

Which Match Attex card is the worst?

jack collion from tombalo

How many Match Attex extra cards are there?

No extra card

Who will be the new 101 Match Attex card?

Fernando Torres

Where is the you-card code box on Match Attex?

i bet none of you can answer it

Which website lets you create your own Match Attex card?


Which Match Attex card has 101 attack and 101 defence?


Which Match Attex card is the worst in the world?

Andy Carrol! :P

Who is the 101 card for the euro 2012 Match Attex?

Cristiano Ronaldo.

What is the hardest Match Attex card to get?

ryan giggs 101 legend

How do you make Match Attex card?

you cant

Where can you find a Match Attex card list?

In the folders or on the matchattax website

Does the Frank Lampard limmeted edition Match Attex card exist?

yes it does

Is a Frank Lampard limited edition Match Attex card rare?

no you get it in the tin

Who is the Match Attex mystery card?

in the last pack anyone can get it is Rio ferdanad normal

Where can you buy Match Attex 101 card?

In a very lucky pack, usually at Morrisons

Can you give me robin van persie 101 Match Attex card for free?


Where can you find the new ltd edition berbatov Match Attex extra card?

extra binder