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Eric Cantona

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Q: Who is the best man utd footballer ever?
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How did the man utd players react when Duncan Edwards died?

They were very sad because Duncan Edwards was one of the best footballer in the world and was a member of man utd

Who is the youngest footballer for man utd ever?

The youngest footballer for man utd is ever Phil Neville.His 18 years and 20 days.was Born in 11 Feb 1995. Wrong Duncan Edwards was 16 and 185 days old on his debut, but I don't think he's the youngest

Manchester united club anthems?

Glory glory Man utd, glory glory Man utd, glory glory Man utd, and the reds keep marching on on on! best club anthem ever

How does man utd stink?

no they are the best

Ho is the best in man utd?

The best footballer in the Manchester United team is Wayne Rooney , he has a big desire to chase the ball and score goals , he is their leader this year.

How league titles have man utd won?

have man utd ever won league titles on goal differance

Man utd first captain?

Man Utd first ever Captain is Harry Stafford (1896/1903)

Who has the best player?

Man Utd and Barcelona

Has man utd ever been relegated?

Once in 1966

Did a carlowman ever play in goal for man utd?

What is a carlowman.

Who was the first professoinal football player?

the first proffesoinal footballer was billy medrith he played for man utd and middelsbrough

Who is better man utd or man city?

well the best team is man utd money wise plusthey r totally awesome

Is man utd the best football team in the world?


Is man utd the best team in the world?

they are awsome

Who is the best footy team?

Man Utd! #1

Is man utd the best in world?

unfortunenatly no their not barcalona are......

Have arsenal ever bought cronaldo?

no only man utd have signed him on

Have leeds utd won premiership?

No. Man Utd, blackburn, arsenal and Chelsea are the only teams ever to win the title.

What English footballer has played for three clubs in the Champions League?

David Beckham - Man Utd, Real Madrid and Milan.

Who was the first footballer to score in the premire league?

Brian Deane, for Sheffield United against Man Utd in August 1992.

What is the worlds best football team?

Man Utd + QPR

Are man utd good?

Obviously, they are the best team in the world

What is the length of the football field track?

man utd is the best

Which team is older man utd or man city?

man utd

Which club is bigger man city or man utd?

Man utd