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Patrick Mannelly of the Chicago Bears, he has never delivered a fumbled, high, or bad snap. He is a 4-time probowler

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Q: Who is the best long snapper in the NFL?
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Who is the highest paid long snapper in the NFL?

Ryan Pontbriand of the Cleveland Browns is currently the highest-paid long snapper in the NFL. He receives a salary of $4,755,000.

Who is the best long snapper in the AFC?

It is Pontibrand of the Cleveland Browns. He was the highest drafted Long Snapper in the history of the League in the 5th round.

What NFL team does joe zelenka play for?

He currently plays as a long snapper for the Atlanta Falcons.

What is a NFL snapper?

An NFL snapper is also known as the center. He snaps the ball generally to the Quarterback to start the play. There are also players known as Long Snappers who snap the ball to the punter or the holder (the person who holds the ball for the place kicker). Since they are further behind the center then the QB normally stands they require a long snapper.

What does a long snapper do in football?

A long snapper snaps the ball for a field goal or punt.

Which NFL players wear jersey number 45?

I know that Nathan Hodel Long Snapper of the New England Patriots wears it.

Who is the long snapper for the Dallas Cowboys?

Currently, L. P. Ladouceur is the long snapper for the Dallas Cowboys.

What is the Salary of a long snapper in the NFL?

An NFL Players Association report says the average salary for long snappers this season is $645,928. Most make near the minimum, but an NFL veteran of four to six seasons is assured $535,000 annually.

Who is the smallest offensive lineman in the nfl?

The smallest offensive lineman is Don Muhlbach. He is a long snapper for the Detroit Lions. He weighs 256 pounds.

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