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Currently, Heath Miller wears #83 for the Steelers.

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Q: Who wears number 83 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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Who wears the numbers 95 and 83 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

83 is tight end Heath Miller. 95 is nose tackle Alameda Ta'amu.

Who wore jersey number 83 for the Pittsburgh Steelers before Heath Miller?

Wide receiver Chris Doering in the 2003-2004 seasons.

Who has played for the Pittsburgh Steelers with the number 83?

Players for the Steelers that have worn #83 the longest are WR Louis Lipps (1984-1991), WR Theo Bell (1976-1980), and TE/K Mike Clark (1964-1967). The current Steeler wearing #83 is TE Heath Miller, who started his career with the Steelers in 2005.

What is Heath Miller's number on the Pittsburg Steelers?

Heath Miller is number 83 on the Pittsburg Steelers.

Who has worn number 5 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

These players have worn number 5 for the Pittsburgh Steelers: * David Trout (87) * Craig Colquitt (78-81, 83-84) * Terry Hanratty (69-76) * John Binotto (42) * Henry Bruder (40) * George Rado (36) * Gene Augustferner (35)

Who wears number 83 on the Green Bay Packers?

Tom Crabtree

Who has worn number 47 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

These players have worn number 47 for the Pittsburgh Steelers: * Ron Stanley (06) * Scott Shields (99-00) * Bruce Jones (87r) * Cameron Riley (87) * Steve Morse (85) * Mel Blount (70-83) * Marv Woodson (64-69) * Jackie Simpson (61-62) * Dick Moegle (60) * Izzy Weinstock (37) * Ed Matesic (36)

Who is number 83 for the Dallas Cowboys in 2014?

Terrance Williams, a second-year wide receiver from Baylor, wears No. 83 for the 2014 Dallas Cowboys.

Who wears 1 on the Yankees?

The number was retired for Billy Martin, the coach from 75-79, 83, 85, and 88

Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers all time leader in touchdown receptions?

Through the 2010 season, that is Hines Ward with 83 TD receptions. John Stallworth is second with 63 and Lynn Swann is third with 51.

Who wore number 92 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Dom Penza (56)Larry Aldrich (58)Keith Gary (83-88)Michael Minter (87r)Jerry Olsavsky (89)Elnardo Webster (92)Jason Gildon (94-03)James Harrison (04-present)

Which number is not between 0.5 and 3 upon 5 on a number line?

83 is not.83 is not.83 is not.83 is not.

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