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the best goalie in hockey is Roberto luongo

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Q: Who is the best goalie ever in hockey?
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Who is the best hockey goalie ever?

the best goalie in hockey is Roberto luongo

Who is Ben Zitur?

The best hockey goalie ever born.

Who is the best goalie in hockey?

The winner of the Vezina Trophy is considered the best goalie in the world.

Who was the best hockey goalie?

Martin Brodeur

Who is the best hockey goalie in the world?

mikkaa kipprrasoph

Who is the best hockey goalie in the nhl?

Martin Brodeur

Who is the best college hockey goalie?

JoHn muse

Was there ever an nhl hockey game with no starting goalie?

you my friend, are stupid.

Where can the best goalie fights be seen?

There are several places where a person can view the best goalie fights. Websites like Youtube have thousands of clips of goalie fights from hockey and even soccer.

Who is the best hockey goalie of all time?

Chris Osgood

Who is the best hockey goalie in Indian history?

Ray emery

Who is the best Toronto Maple Leaf goalie ever?

The best ever Toronto Maple Leaf goalie was Terry Sawchuk.

Who is the worst hockey goalie ever?

Probably, Vesa Toskala.He is now on the the Flames Minors! The worst goalie ever.He scores own goals

Best goalie for oilers?

grant Fuhr was by far the best goalie ever to play for the Oilers.

What is the most expensive ice hockey goalie pads?

the highest I've ever seen are the reebok revoke pro zone goalie pads...they are 1,900 bucks

Did Sidney Crosby's family ever played hockey?

His father played goalie for the Montreal Canadiens.

Can you screen the goalie in hockey?

Yes you can screen a goalie in hockey as long as you do not touch him/her or enter their crease

Does a tie count in field hockey?

no, 1 player at a time on the other teams goalie does strokes. everyone from each team does it on the goalie. who-ever has the most strokes, wins.

Can a hockey goalie get a high stick penalty?

Yes. A hockey goalie can get the same penalties as a skater gets.

Who is the best ice hockey goalie in the world?

Martin Brodeur OF the New Jersey Devils

How fast can a hockey goalie be?

A hockey goalie can be very fast. Not as fast as a player but still fast in a different way.

Who plays field hockey?

I've played field hockey for almost six years. I LOVEit.I'm a defence player/ goalie.It truly is the best sport ever played on the earth.

Who is the best hockey goalie brand?

Field HockeyOBO are the best by far; theirs is the only company that produces solely for keepers. However, for some pieces you could look at competing brands such as Mazon or companies that produce equipment for ice hockey keepers - helmets and chest pads especially.Ice HockeyNikebauer or Reebok have a ties with the pads and blockers and gloves but Nikebauer makes on75 goalie sticks vapor30 goalie sticks vapor20 goalie sticks so my vote is for nikebauer

You are a really good soccer goalie but you play hockey to and you have to quit one but if you quit hockey you will lose lots of friends?

Well all i can say is that you should play which ever one you like the best. And if you do quit hockey then maybe you could make new friends playing soccer. hope i helped a little :)

Who may enter the goalie box in hockey?

the goalie only