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Corey Milne Is the best ever known freestyle Bmx Rider in the World

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Q: Who is the best freestyle bmx rider?
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On a BMX bike what does freestyle mean?

freestyle means tricks on a BMX

Who is the best freestyle rider?

travis pastrana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who was the best UK bmx rider?

Danny Macaskill

When was Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX created?

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was created on 2000-09-26.Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX happened in 2000.

Who is the best BMX rider?

Garrett Reynolds /Mat Hoffman

Who is the best bmx flatland rider in the world?

Jasmin Parker

Inventor of haro bikes?

The inventor of the Haro Bike is Bob Haro. He was born on June 29, 1958 and is a former freestyle BMX rider.

What is the best place to ride freestyle bmx in the us?

probably the skate park near the sub station that's where i ride bmx

Is used more commonly BMX racing or freestyle?


What is a female bmx rider called?

A female BMX rider is called a Betty.

What is bmx zone?

It is where bmx rider race.

What should a freestyle bmx be made out of?

I think a freestyle bmx should be made out of steel but I've heard bmx's are made out of chromoly or alluminion, i hope that's just for racing