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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX was created on 2000-09-26.
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX happened in 2000.

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Q: When was Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX created?
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What are the ratings and certificates for Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX - 2000 VG?

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX - 2000 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

When was Dave Mirra BMX Challenge created?

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge was created on 2006-11-02.Dave Mirra BMX Challenge happened in 2006.

Dave Mirra freestyle bmx 2 play free?


What are the release dates for Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Maximum Remix - 2001 VG?

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Maximum Remix - 2001 VG was released on: USA: 22 May 2001

What got Dave mirra into freestyle BMX?

well what got Dave mirra into freestyling is when haro bikes sponsored him so that's why there was a haro mirra 2000

How do you do manual in dave mirra freestyle bmx 1?

Jump+Down+Down(hold it)

Can Dave mirra freestyle bmx work for the XBOX 360?

Yes, Dave Mirra 2 is backwards compatible with the Xbox 360. Just run and download the appropriate software from Microsoft.

How long has Dave Mirra been a pro BMXer?

A "Pro BMXer" without the "freestyle" adjective is someone that races BMX bikes professionally. Dave Mirra is a freestyle BMX rider. Hit first sponsor was General in 1987, but he didn't compete professionally until late 1987 when he was picked up by Haro.

Dave Mirra is associated with which sport?

Dave Mirra is associated with the sport of bicycle motocross, also known as BMX.

Do bmx have starriders?

Yes, most known are Dave Mirra and Matt Hoffman, because of their videogames.

What are the best bmx bikes for freestyle?

Get a mirra co., we the people, fit bike co., stolen, or eastern. all equally good

Where is the company Mirraco located?

Mirraco is a bicycle store which specializes in BMX and stunt bikes. The copmany was founded in 2005 by BMX legend Dave Mirra, and it's located in Carlsbad, California.

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