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mucktar adyamy

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Q: Who is the best footballer in the slovenian football team?
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Cristiano Ronaldo the best?

No, that all depends on which football team you support, or who your favourite footballer is.

What are the names of the football players on the Slovenian football team?

Rob haley Rob Reynold Tom Rabbit Scott Chandler....

What is Hugo Sanchez famous for?

Hugo Sanchez Marquez was a popular Mexican football coach who led his team to two championships. He was recognized by IFFHS as the 26th best footballer and the best footballer by CONCACAF.

Is Manchester United the best football team in the world?

ManCHESTER United is the best football team in the world because I said so and they have a really good manager and coach. They also have the worlds top ten footballer ROONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is the best footballer in Spain team?


Why is kaka is famous?

kaka is good looking, cute and plays is the best footballer team Brazil and he play's fantastic football this are the reasons that kaka is famous

What would be the best football team?

Barcelona is the best football team i the world

What football team are the best?

in England there is a football/soccer team called Liverpool. THEY ARE THE BEST.

The best football team in the world 2009?

Sunderland are the best football team in the world

Who is zidan in football?

Zidan is a Egyptian footballer in the Egypts team. Please do not mix him with Zinedine Zidane.

Who is the best football team in Italy?

interna milan i s the best football team in Italy

Who is the best English football team?

Arsnel is the best football team.

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