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This season so far the best player is Wayne Rooney

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Q: Who is the best footballer in the English premier league?
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Who is the best footballer in The Premier League?

Francesc Fabregas or Didier Drogba

Who is the best English premier team?

In the English Premier League there is 4 big clubs that normally dominate known as "The big 4" this consists of Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. But ARSENAL and MANCHESTER UNITED are the best out of all of them.

Who is the best footballer in premier league?


Who is the best player in the English premier league?

The best team in the Premier League is Tottenham Hotspurs, and the best player is Heruhelo Gomes, of Spurs.

Who is the best midfielder in the English Premier League?

Stephen Gerrard

What is the best English premier league football team?


Who has the best strike partnership in the English premier league?

Henry and bergkamp

Who are the best paid ten managers in English premier league?

arsene wenger

Which English premier league football team is considered to be the best?

Manchester united

Best paid manager in English premier League?

Sir Ferguson is the highest paid English manager.

Is van persie good at football?

Van persie is really good at football and he is in the top 10 best footballer in the barclay premier league

Who is the best footballer now?

Julian is the best of all. He had scored hat-trick against big league teams such as Arsenal and Manchester United. Unlike footballer Abdullahi who was sent off in his debut match against Chelsea. Julian is currently premier league top scorer with 33 goals this season. Whatch out footballer Abdullahi.