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Sir Ferguson is the highest paid English manager.

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Q: Best paid manager in English premier League?
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Who is the best manager in the premier league?

Arsene Wenger by far

Who is the best English premier team?

The best English Premier League team is Manchester United having won 10 premier league titles but Newcastle united have the best fans

Who is the best player in the English premier league?

The best team in the Premier League is Tottenham Hotspurs, and the best player is Heruhelo Gomes, of Spurs.

Who is the manager of Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger!He is one of the best managers in the Premier League!

What is the best English premier league football team?


Who is the best midfielder in the English Premier League?

Stephen Gerrard

Who has the best strike partnership in the English premier league?

Henry and bergkamp

Are there any managers in the premier league that were not profesionals?

No. To the best of my knowledge, Jose The Special One Mourinho is the only ever Premier League manager not to have played professionally.

Which English premier league football team is considered to be the best?

Manchester united

Who are the best paid ten managers in English premier league?

arsene wenger

Who is the best footballer in the English premier league?

This season so far the best player is Wayne Rooney

Who is the best premier league manager?

This is a matter of opinion but on credentials alone Sir Alex Ferguson (Manchester United) is by far the best.

Why do you consider these as ten best goalkeepers in the English Premier League?

Edwin van der sar

Who is the best team in English premier league?

everton football club.obviously

Which player has Won champions league uefa cup premier league and scottish premier league and still plays?

Chelsea are the best in the premier league

Who is the best football team in the premier leauge?

Liverpool Football Club is the best football club in the English Premier League because they have won the league 18 times and have also won many other trophies.

When do they release the 2010 English premier league schedule?

i don't know lol. vote 4 me as the best answer !

Best 100 soccer league in the wrld?

1.English Premier league 2.La Liga (spain) 3.Seria A (Italy)

What is the difference between the English premier league and the divisions?

Well its the level of playing ability of the team that divides england's football clubs into 4 different divisions. The premier league is considered to be the best league while league 2 is considered to be an amateur league.

What is the best premier league team?

In the English Premier League there is 4 big clubs that normally dominate known as "The big 4" this consists of Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool. But ARSENAL and MANCHESTER UNITED are the best out of all of them.

What is the best team in premier league?


Where can one find a fixtures page for the English Premier League?

Perhaps the best place to find English Premier League fixtures would be on the BBC website. This website is the most precise and up to date. Alternatively, dedicated websites exist, just for such a topic.

What two players have had the best strike partnership since the English premier league started?

Andy cole d yorke

Have west ham united ever won the premier league?

No, they have never won the Premier League. Their best was third, in the old First Division in 1986, the equivalent of what is now the Premier League.

How many times has Man city won the premier league?

37 times they are the best team in the premier league and always will be.