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Q: Who is the best football team in cup history?
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What football team is the worst in the football team in the world cup?

come on this aint football this is succer the worst sport in history

What is the best dream team in football?

For England to win the Crazy WORLD CUP

Which country has won the football World Cup maximum number of times?

The Brazil national football team are the most successful national football team in the history of the Fifa World Cup, with five championships in four different continents.

Which team score's most goals in wc football history?

Brazil have scored the most Goals in the world cup history.

What is the best football team in the world?

*This answer is subjective, so add your opinion after the others.*--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The best team in football is manchester united and chelseaThe best footballers (ever) are spain they won the world cup and 2 euro.The best football team in the world is the 1985 Chicago Bears team.

Which football team won the world cup in 1999?

Which football team won the world cup in 1999?

How Many team are petrified in world Cup Football?

How Many team are petrified in world Cup Football

Why is grey cup important?

The Grey Cup is important to fans and players of Canadian Football as winning it marks the best Canadian professional football team.

What does it means when you win the soccer World Cup?

The winner of the world cup is then confirmed as the worlds best football team in the world.

What is Mexico's football history?

Mexico has been playing football (soccer) since the early 1900s. The Mexican National Team won the 2005 World Cup and the 2011 World Cup.

Which football team won football World Cup in 1984?

There was no world cup in 1984.

Who will win football south Africa world cup 2010?

The best team will win at the end ...

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