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interna milan i s the best football team in Italy

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Q: Who is the best football team in Italy?
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Are Spain the best football team in the world?

they are 3rd in the world after Italy and France

What team was the worst football team in 2010?

it was the italy

What is Italy's number one soccer team?

Inter Milan are the best football team in Italy at the minute. They look most likely to take the Serie A title for this year.

Is Italy the best team in the world?

Italy's not the best soccer team but it is the third best soccer team in the world

What would be the best football team?

Barcelona is the best football team i the world

What is Italy's football team called?

Azzurri (Blues)

Who is the capitan of Italy's football team?

Daniel Gabrielli

Which national football team has the nickname azzuri?


Who plays for Italy's football team?

fergus petheram

Who is Italy's biggest football team?

Juventus F.C.

In football Who is the team manger for Italy?

Cesare Prandelli

Who is the manager of Italy's football team in the European football tournament?

Roberto Donadoni

What football team are the best?

in England there is a football/soccer team called Liverpool. THEY ARE THE BEST.

The best football team in the world 2009?

Sunderland are the best football team in the world

What is the most popular football team in Italy?

AC Milan and Inter Milan are the two main football teams in Italy

Who is the best English football team?

Arsnel is the best football team.

In Italy which football team is known as old lady?


What is the football team in Italy called?

They are called Azurries the Blues.

Who is the best football team in the priermer league?

The best football team in the priermer league is Manchester united.

What has the best football team?

Maybe you mean What is the best football team but it is personal opinion not a set thing.I think Dallas cowboys is the best team but the best team is really what you think it is.

Which is the best school football team in new delhi?

the best football school team in delhi is the team of st. columbas school..

Which soccer team is the best team?

The Spanish National Team by far is the best football team.

Is Brazil the best player of the world?

Brazil is a football team but is considered to be the best football team of all time.

Why did Italy football team change the away colours?

they change it yearly

Who the best football team?