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Liverpool,Chelsea,Manchester United

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Bolton wanderers!

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Q: Who is the best foot ball team in the world?
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What are the 20 reasons why a football team is an organisation?

a foot ball team has an arganisational structure.

What is the name of Paris football team?

please tell me the name of foot ball team of Paris

What is the best foot ball team?

Barcelona is the best has the best shooter,cutter,passer and has the best record in the season.

How many players on a foot ball team?

it is 11 player how dumb are you

Who is Jack Kent Cooke?

He was the owner of the Redskins foot ball team

What is a sentence with the word fourth down in it?

the punter on a foot ball team punted the ball on the fourth down.

If player on team A tries to save a ball from going out of bounds and it hits a player from team B who has one foot out of bounds and one foot in bounds who gets pocession of the ball?

Sean loves aly tierno

What is a kickball in basketball and when does it apply?

If the ball touches a person foot while in play the other team receives the ball

Why is the Spanish soccer team best in the world?

Because the Spain team is young, they pass the ball well and keep it for long times, the apponents get frustrated.

Are the panthers a really good foot ball team?

ya, they are boss, really boss.

Is Italy the best team in the world?

Italy's not the best soccer team but it is the third best soccer team in the world

What is foot work in netball?

In netball if the umpire/ref calls footwork, the game stops and the other team is handed the ball. Although you do not have to stand down or next to the player of the other team =) hope this helps