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Q: Who is the best dunker ever to be in the dunk contest?
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Related questions

Who is the is best dunker ever in the dunk contest?

Vince Carter or Jason Richardson

Who is the worst dunker to ever be in the dunk contest?

Josh Smith

Who has the most slam dunk contest wins?

the most slam dunk contest wins is held by present Chicago bull Nate Robinson.He may be the best slam dunker Chicago has ever had.But still number one player of all time MichealJordan did play for Chicago and he won two slam dunk contests.Spud Webb has won two slam dunk contests too, but even then, he,unlikeNate Robinson,is not active.Another well known player with a close record is the great Dominique Wilkins.Unfourtunately,he has only won two and is NOT active.therefore the fight goes on about who Chicago's best slam dunker has ever and is the best they have had. Karsten Taylor, writer.

Has Lebron James ever been in an NBA dunk contest?

no but he will be next year he might considering everyone knows he the highest jumper and natiest dunker in the nba today.

Who is the oldest dunker ever?

Julius erving can dunk at age 63, he goes for dunk every year after he retired. he may be one of the oldest dunker in the world now

When was the first dunk contest held?

The first ever dunk contest was held in 1976 in Denver and the first NBA dunk contest was held in Denver in 1984.

Did Kobe ever win the slam dunk contest?

Yes he won the Slam Dunk contest in 1997.

How good of a dunker was spud Webb?

He was best dunker ever!

Who are the best NBA dunker's of all time?

AnswerVince carter, easily best dunker ever, he has the best at the 2000 dunk contest, and he has the best during the olympic games. Micheal JordanJulius Erving "Dr. J"kobe bryantDominique WilkinsLebron JamesKenny Walker "Sky"Jason RichardsonSpud Webb

Has spud webb ever won the nba slam dunk contest?

Yes, Spud Webb won the NBA Dunk Contest in 1986.

Was Kobe ever in a nba slam dunk contest?

Yes, he participated in a slam dunk contest in 1997 as a rookie. He even won the contest with a couple of impressive dunks. (f.e. between the leg) This was the last slam dunk contest before the lockout in 1998/1999

Has a white guy ever won the NBA dunk contest?


Has lebron james ever been in the slam dunk contest?


Who is the best dunker ever played in the NBA?

vince carter

Has a NBA point guard ever enter a slam dunk contest?

nate robinson

Did Brent Barry ever win the Slam Dunk Contest?

in 1996 while playing for the l.a clippers brent barry won the slam dunk contest with a dunk from the foul line emulating previous dunks by dr j and Jordan in 1996 while playing for the l.a clippers brent barry won the slam dunk contest with a dunk from the foul line emulating previous dunks by dr j and Jordan

Is LeBron ever going to be in a slam dunk contest?

In the 2009 All-Star game in Phoenix, he said he will be participating in the 2010 slam dunk competition.

Who won the slam dunk contest and the 3point shoot out contest in the NBA all-star games this year?

Paul Pierce - 3point shoot out Nate Robinson - Slam dunk contest (first ever 3 time winner)

Has Dwight Howard ever been in a dunk contest?

DA he won it in 08 yous your brain

Has a white guy ever won the NBA slam dunk contest?

Yes John Barry

Lebron James ever win a dunk contest in his life?

He hasn't won any... But if he enters he could!

Who was the shortest player ever to win a slam dunk contest?

The shortest player to win an NBA dunk contest was Spud Webb who went to college at North Carolina State. He was 5' 7" and was a fourth round draft choice of the Detroit Pistons in 1985. Webb played in the NBA for 12 seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Orlando Magic. He won the NBA's slam dunk contest at the All-Star game in 1986. Click on the 'Spud Webb Slam Dunk' link on this page to see a video of him in action at the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest.

The best dunk ever?

von wafer 2006 is also the best basketballplayer ever

Did Cheryl Miller ever dunk?

Yes, she was the first ever female dunker in an organized basketball. The moment of her dunk was not televised, so we cannot see. But I remember that in either 1984 or 1985 one television special asked her to dunk, and she did it so easily. Remember she was only 6-2 - way shorter than Lisa Lesley or Candace Parker.

Who is the shortest person to ever dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim?

The shortest person to dunk on a ten foot rim is not Anthony Spud Webb, it's Mugsy Bogues. Webb was the shortest person to win the NFL dunk contest.