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Sergio Ramos.

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Q: Who is the best defender in real Madrid?
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Who is the best Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid

Who dropped the copa del rey trophy?

Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid's defender, did it.

Is Real Madrid the best in football?

Yes real madrid is the best in football

Who is Sergio Ramos?

Sergio Ramos is a defender who plays for Real Madrid and the Spanish National Soccer Team.

How is the best team in the world?

its got to be real Madrid its got to be real Madrid

What is Sergio Ramos Twitter handle?

@SergioRamos is the twitter handle for the Spanish and Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos.

Who is the best left defender in the world?

john terry is the best and puyol ,pique are also good None of the above are left backs. The current left back in the UEFA team of the season is Marcelo of Real Madrid.

Which club is the best- Real Madrid or Fenerbache?

El Real Madrid por mucho le sobrepasa a ese equipo

Who is the best fc Barcelona or real Madrid?

Both are good but Real Madrid have more trophies.

Who has the best record Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Over the years we will have to say Real Madrid have a better record.

What position does Marcelo play?

As of June 2014, Marcelo plays for Real Madrid, a club in Spain.

What is the best bar in Seville to watch Real Madrid-Barcelona this weekend?

The Merchant bar is the best bar in Seville to watch Real Madrid-Barcelona this weekend.