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It was Diego Forlan!!

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Q: Who is the best current footballer for the world cup?
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Who is best footballer never played in world cup?

Ryan Giggs

Who was dectaired as best young player in fifa world cup-2010?

The best young footballer for the 2010 world cup, was the German Tomas Muller.

Who was named the Best Player in 2010 World Cup and won the Golden B?

Diego forlan of Uruguay won the best footballer at the 2010 world cup.

Who was the first goal scorer of world cup?

The first footballer to score a goal in the world cup 1930 was the French footballer Lucien Laurent.

Is Zinedine Zidane white?

yes he is a french footballer who is known best for his headbutt in the world cup final

Has a Scottish footballer ever scored a hat-trick in a FIFA World Cup match?

As of the 2010 World Cup competition, no Scottish footballer has scored a hat trick in the FIFA World Cup.

Who played in 3 World Cup finals?

The Brazalian Pele is the only footballer to play in three world cup finals . And is also theonly footballer to win three world cup final medals.

Did George Oppng Weah play in world cup?

George Weah , the famous footballer from Liberia, and winner of footballer of the year has never played in a world cup.

How many times did Pele win the world cup?

Pele the greatest footballer ever , is the only footballer ever to win three world cup finals.

Who is the most inspirational footballer in Germany?

It is the German footballer Franz Beckanbeur who won both the world cup as well as won the 1990 world cup in Italy as a manager.

Why is Ronaldinio not playing in the World Cup 2010?

Ronaldinio is not in the world cup 2010 because who is a rubbish footballer and he wasn't chosen to be in the world cup.

Who is the FIFA footballer of the year 2009?

There is no world cup in 2009.

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