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vcu is the best

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Q: Who is the best basketball team in Virginia?
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What was the unofficial nickname given to the U S men basketball team at the 1992 summer Olympics?

TEAM RICHMOND U12 the best team in virginia

Best basketball team ever?

The best franchise basketball team is the Boston Celtics with 16 NBA titles.

Best basketball team?

national greek team

What can you tell you about the fort Yukon eagles basketball team?

Fort Yukon basketball team is the best team in the u.s.

What basketball team is the best?


Does west virginia a have pro sport team?

No - Minor league basketball only

Who can join the WVU Basketball league?

WVU stands for West Virginia University and their basketball team the West Virginia Mountaineers play in the NCAA Division. To join the team and play in that league one must attend the university, try out for the team and be selected.

What's the best basketball team?


Who is the best basketball player on the twms basketball team?

Kristopher Nicolas by far.........

What is the best name for a basketball team?

Parker Hoops. My friend always loved that name for a basketball team just never had a basketball team. It might be a little cheasy but it is just a suggestion.

What was the best basketball team in 1990?

Chicago bulls

Best basketball team in Europe?

Partizan Belgrade