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WVU stands for West Virginia University and their Basketball team the West Virginia Mountaineers play in the NCAA Division. To join the team and play in that league one must attend the university, try out for the team and be selected.

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Q: Who can join the WVU Basketball league?
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How do you join the Turkish Basketball League?

call Allen iverson

Who coached the WVU mens basketball team in 1972?

sonny moran

What conference was WVU basketball before they were Big East?

Atlantic 10

Why was casey mitchell of wvu mens basketball suspended?

For breaking team rules

Who scored the most points in an ncaa mens basketball game?

jerry west had 62 in a wvu basketball game

How many teams in the NBL?

There were 38 teams in the National Basketball League. This organization join with the Basketball Association of America in 1949 to become the National Basketball Association.

Where is the more information on the WVU basketball schedule?

One can find out more information on the WVU basketball schedule by visiting the West Virginia Mountaineer schedule online, it posts their schedule for the year. If one is a local area resident one can stop by the University and pick up a schedule.

What is WVU?

WVU is the abbreviation for West Virginia University.

Is there a basketball league?

If you are talking about a professional basketball league, then yes. It is the National Basketball Association (NBA).

How many building does WVU have?

There are many different buildings at WVU.

What is US Basketball League's motto?

United States Basketball League's motto is 'The League of Opportunity'.

What was wvu football schedule in 1963?

WVU had a record of 4-6 in 1963. September 21 - Navy 51, WVU 7 September 28 - WVU 34, Boston University 0 October 5 - Oregon 35, WVU 0 October 12 - WVU 20, William & Mary 16 October 19 - Pittsburgh 13, WVU 10 October 26 - Penn State 20, WVU 9 November 2 - WVU 20, George Washington 16 November 9 - Syracuse 15, WVU 13 November 16 - Virginia Tech 28, WVU 3 November 28 - WVU 38, Furman 7

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