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carmelo Anthony

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Q: Who is the best basketball player on the Denver nuggets?
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What is the concept of basketball?

Basketball is cool Denver nuggets are the best

Who is the best player in the Denver nuggets?


Who is the best NBA player on the Denver Nuggets?

Carmelo Anthony.

Who is the best point guard on the New Orleans Hornets and the Denver Nuggets basketball team?

On the New Orleans Hornets, Chris Paul. On the Denver Nuggets, Chauncey Billups.

Who is the best player on the NBA Denver Nuggets team?

Carmelo Anthony

Are the denver nuggets the best team ever?

Of course what did you think, the Detroit Pistons were? No the Denver Nuggets were.

Who is chauncey billups?

he is the point guard for the Denver Nuggets he played for the pistons but then for some reason they traded him(really good trade or best trade ever made!!)so now he plays for the nuggets He is now the basketball point guard for the DENVER NUGGETS

How many titles have the Denver nuggets won?

the denver nuggets have won 0 championships, but they have got one of the best players in the nba Carmello Anthony

Where can i find a basketball league for the youth?

In the Denver metro area, Premier Basketball Club is one of the best options to help develop your child's basketball skills. The executive director is a former NBA player and there are some of the best coaches in Denver.

Which basketball team is the best?

It is the Los Angela Lakers and the Boston Celitics. But really some people don't like that team because its mostly an opinion my favorite NBA basketball team is the Charlotte Bobcats and the Denver Nuggets

Who is the best player on the nuggets?

Carmelo Anthony

Who is Allen Iverson's best friend?

Allen Iverson's best friend is #15 Carmelo Anthony of the NBA's Denver Nuggets.

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