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Michael Jordan of course

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2011-09-13 18:44:38
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Q: Who is the best basketball player in the world fact?
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What is the difference between an fact and in opinion?

A fact is a true statement and a opinion is something that someone thinks. opinion: Kevin Durant is the best basketball player in the world. fact: Kevin Durant is on the Oklahoma City Thunder and wears the jersey number 35.

Is this fact or opinion Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time?

it is a fact

Who is the most liked basketball player in the world?

There is no answer to this question because everyone has very different opinions.So There is no Fact about who is most liked so in my conclusion theres no answer.

What is the best fact in the world?


Who is the best soccer player for skill?

This is a matter of opinion, not a FACT.

What players have played for both man city and real Madrid?

In fact I can't think of any but the best player in the world is Thomas Andrew Robert Chilton who is an amazing player

Types of basketball violations?

One major basketball violation is the fact that players can foul each other. When a player fouls the other, they may be able to score more points in the game.

Pimples on basketball?

Yes, in fact the bumps on a basketball do look like pimples!

Why watford are the best in the world?

Watford are the best as we are. it's just fact we've got malky mackay who is the best manager in the world.

How did Cristiano rinaldo become the best soccer player ever?

Hes not. Messi is in fact the BEST soccer player in the world as of right now.

Who is the best football player in Manchester United?

It is a matter of personal opinion, not fact.

Is this an opinion or fact Basketball is more interesting to watch than golf?

Is Basketball is a much more exciting sport than golf

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