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Andre Ethier. #16 right field

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Q: Who is the best baseball player from dodgers team?
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What is the best baseball team this year?

Los Angeles Dodgers

Is dodgers a baseball team or a football team?

they are a baseball team !!.

What is James McDonald best known for?

James McDonald is best known for being a good baseball player. He played on the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. His profession was mainly pitching.

Is Dodgers is a state?

No. The Dodgers is a baseball team from L.A.

Is the Los Angeles Dodgers a parent?

No, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a baseball team.

What is Matt Kemp best known for?

Matt Kemp is best known for playing baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2006. He is a good baseball player. He has hit 153 home runs for his team.

Who are the famous Brooklyn Dodgers?

The famous Brooklyn Dodgers were a baseball team.

Who is the baseball team of Jackie Robinson?

The Dodgers

The first African American major league baseball player played for what team?

Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn Dodgers

What is the value of a 1988 Los Angeles Dodgers team-signed baseball?

The value of the 1988 Los angeles Dodgers Team signed baseball is $475.00

What was the first National league team to hire an African American?

Brooklyn Dodgers Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson was a baseball player for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the first African-American major league baseball player of the modern era in 1947.

How much value does a dodgers signed baseball have?

Dodgers team signed baseballTo find the value of a Brooklyn or Los Angeles Dodgers team signed baseball you would have to first see if the signatures can be attributed to a single year. If the signatures are of players from different years then the baseball could have a lower value. To quicken your search find the player that played the least amount of time for the team.

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