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at the moment in my mind

Ryan Giggs

Wayne Rooney

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in past,it was critiano ronaldo but today all are good best player of Manchester United

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Q: Who is the best Manchester United player on the team?
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Who is best player for Manchester United?

the best player is Wayne Rooney but the team is also very good, that good they are the best team in the world.

Is Liverpool the best football team or is Manchester United?

Manchester United are the better team.

Who is the most supported team worldwide?

Manchester United. They have the best player in the world Christiano Ronaldo.

Is Manchester United the best team?

Manchester United is certainly one of the best teams, without question.

Who is the most tactic player in Manchester united?

The winger Christiano Ronaldo is the most tactical player in the Manchester United team.

Who is the best team in soccer?

Manchester United

Who is the quickest player to score 50 premiership goals?

Ronaldo for Manchester United the best team in the world

Who do you think is the best team in English premier?

I think Manchester United isI think Manchester United isI think Manchester United is

Are Manchester United the best soccer team?


Who is best football team in England?

Manchester united

The best team on FIFA 09?

Manchester United

What is the best soccer team nowaday?

Manchester united