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Manchester United are the better team.

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Q: Is Liverpool the best football team or is Manchester United?
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Which is the best football club 20082009?

Manchester United and Liverpool.

Who is the best football team?

Manchester City F.C!!!!

Which is the better football team out of Liverpool and Manchester united?

Liverpool are the best football team ever so don't Dis LIVERPOOL THROUGH AND THROUGH

Is Liverpool the best football team ever?

Liverpool is the best team ever! I am telling you the truth! Do you want to know who is the worst team is...Manchester United!!

Is carlton football club the best team?

No. The best teams are Liverpool, Middlesbrough and Shrewsbury Town. Manchester United is rubbish.

Best supported football clubs in england?

Manchester United Fc, Chealsea Fc, Liverpool Fc, Arsenal Fc, Manchester City Fc , Everton, Tottenham Hotspur

Who is the best Manchester united or Liverpool?

Liverpool and Manchester united are very close but Manchester United have played better over the last few seasons

Who is best man u or Liverpool?

now listen Manchester united are a good team but Liverpool are better than Manchester united

Who is the greatest English football team?

Manchester United have won the premier league 18 times and Liverpool have also won it 18 times. Manchester united have won the f.a cup 11 times to Liverpool's 7. Overall Manchester United are the best team in England and are on the verge of securing a 19th premier league title overtaking liverpool.

Does Manchester united the best soccer team?

No , Liverpool is more better

Who was his best football team?

Liverpool fc

Who are the best football team in the premier league?

At the moment this is how it is:- 1.arsenal 2.chelsea 3.aston villa 4.liverpool 5.manchester united