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obviously Steven Gerrard

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Q: Who is the best Football player in world history rankings?
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Whos best player in the world?

Lionel Messi - Go on Castrol Football rankings to see yourself. His own stats and awards show you how good he is.

What is the official website for the International Federation of Football History and Statistics? provides information about association football (soccer). It includes a wealth of information including the laws of the game, world rankings for every country and world football news. Did you know that more countries play in the Football World Cup that take part in any other sporting event, including the olympics.

What is the 2009 FIFA world ranking of the Haitian national football team?

As of Decomber 2009, Haiti National Football Club were 90th in the FIFA World Rankings.

What rank is Germany in world football?

Germany is currently sixth according to the Latest FIFA rankings.

Who is the best chess player in the world to day?

The current world champion is Viswanathan Anand, but he is only third in the FIDE world rankings. The current number one in the FIDE world rankings is Magnus Carlsen, who is probably the best player in the world today.

Football club history?

Football club history?What in the world are you talking about?!

You want Hindi translation of History of football of the whole world?

football history

How is the Jamaican national Football team progressing?

Jamaica are currently 53rd in the world rankings. If you go to the official FIFA website using the following link, you can see the rankings.

Which football team is better Algeria or Slovenia?

According to the official FIFA World Rankings, Algeria are 30th in the World and Slovenia 25th.

Who is the number one women tennis player in the world LTA rankings?


Who are the top best Bakugan player?

Go to and check out the rankings.

Is Kurt oehlbeck nerdy?

No! Kurt Oehlbeck is the best football player in history and is so cool and has all of the friends in the world.