Best Answer provides information about association football (soccer). It includes a wealth of information including the laws of the game, world rankings for every country and world football news. Did you know that more countries play in the Football World Cup that take part in any other sporting event, including the Olympics.

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Q: What is the official website for the International Federation of Football History and Statistics?
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What is the official name of french soccer team?

French Football Federation

What is the official fax address of the Nigerian football federation?

No addresses here please.

When were the first official rules of table tennis written?

The International Table Tennis Federation was formed in 1926 and they produced the first official rules of table tennis.

When was Journal of Official Statistics created?

Journal of Official Statistics was created in 1985.

Criket or football which is oldest game?

Cricket is being played form 16th century with international matches played since 1844. But the official history of international from 1877. Football have no official history in international Football in wikipedia but the Ancient history said the Australian hunters was palyed football form 1850s. So the final answer is Cricket is the oldest game proved.

What does FIFA stand for?

FIFA is French. It stands for Fédération Internationale de Football, Association.The English meaning is the International Federation of Association Football."Association" Football is the official name of 'soccer'.To further clarify matters, FIFA itself says it can also be called either 'FIFA Football' or 'FIFA Soccer'. Also Known for famous worldwide players.

What are the overtime rules of NCAA football?

OVERTIME STATISTICS-The individual and team statistics for all un-timed overtime periods in NCAA football games will be recorded with 8 Official 2009 fOOtball StatiSticS RuleSthe regulation statistics. Do not separate the statistics. Each attempt toscore from the 25-yard line by both teams constitutes one overtime pe-riod. If neither team scores with a possession, record a zero for each teamfor that period.

What is the official name of Russia?

The Russian Federation.

What is Russias official name?

The Russian Federation

What are the Ninth Degree patterns called in International Tae Kwon Do Federation?

It is not clear what the official 9th Degree Black Belt Poomsae for ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) is called. However, there are 24 official forms. They are as follows:Chon-JiDan-GunDo-SanWon-HyoYul-GokJoong-GunToi-GyeHwarangChoong-MooKwanggaePo-eunGyebaekEui-amChoongjangJucheSamilYoosinChoi-yongYonggaeUljiMoonmooSosanSejongTong-ilIn case you were actually wondering about the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) 9th Degree Black Belt Poomsae, it is called "Ilyeo".

How long to the nearest mile is a standard marathon?

The official standard marathon length is 26 miles (and 385 yards) according to the International Amateur Athletic Federation.

Who played the first international soccer game?

Scotland VS England was the first International football fixture... quote: "The first official international football match took place in 1872 between Scotland and England in Glasgow"

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