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"Cesc Fabregas is the best player in the English Premier League. His passing is unrivaled and he can whip a cross in or beat the keeper from almost anywhere. He is captain of one of the top teams in the EPL (Arsenal) and is an all around great player."

obviously a gooner, the best player in the epl this year technically is Rooney followed by drogba, if you are going by statistics, rather than favouritising your own team. personally i would say that the best player all time in the epl was cantona, this ain't coming from a manu fan btw.

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Q: Who is the best EPL player?
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Who is the best player in the epl?

steven Gerrard --- Liverpool

Who is your favorite player in the EPL?

Wayne Rooney

What league have the most income ipl or epl?

epl has the most income as it is very prestigious league and best for football

Is Ryan giggs a foreign player in EPL?

Giggs could be considered foreign in the EPL, although if you mean it by he is not well known that is completely untrue. If you follow the EPL you know the name Ryan Giggs.

Who has the most red cards in the EPL?

The player with the most red cards in the EPL has 8 of them. Patrick Vieira, Richard Dunne and Duncan Ferguson all have 8 red cards, the most in the EPL.

Highest paid EPL player?

Wayne rooney

Who is the heaviest player in the EPL?

I think it was Gordon Banks.

Who is best penalty taker in EPL?


Is Cristiano best player in world2008?

yes of course 42 goals in 48 appearances!!! won the EPL and Champions League for United! must be!

Who is Matt Jarvis?

The Greatest player currently playing in EPL!

Which player will be the surprise of the EPL in 2007?


Tallest football player in EPL this season?

peter crouch

Who is d shortest player in EPL?

The shortest player in the EPL is Aaron Lennon ( Tottenham Hotspurs ), he stands at 165cm or 5'5", but he isn't just the shortest player in the EPL he also happens to be the fastest player in the EPL. I've seen him play at the White Hart Lane against Liverpool last season, he came on with 15 minutes to go and received the ball and took off, Tottenham won by the way. The other players which are around his height are Shaun Wright-Phillips at 166cm and Carloz Tevez at 168cm. Height doesn't really matter its the skill the player possesses which is important.

Who is the oldest player in epl?

Last season Jens Jehmann, 38

Manchester United to win the EPL?

i think my team will win and i am a man u player

Is the EPL the best soccer league in the world?

== == No its not! Its la Liga by miles ahead!

Who is the best footballer in epl 2009-2010?

hate to say it but it's rooney.

What are the essential points presenting EPL?

presenting of epl

Who is the currect player in epl that earns the most weekly?

Wayne Rooney-20.6 million euros

Hours per week that epl players train?

The English Premiere League (EPL) has some of the best football players in the world. These players train at least 12 hours a week if not more.

When was EPL - journal - created?

EPL - journal - was created in 1986.

Tallest player epl?

the tallest player in the epl during the 08/09 season is asmir begovic from Portsmouth who is also tied with peter crouch from Portsmouth and hes tied with martin fulop of sunderland who is tied with zat knight from Aston villa all of them ae 198 cm

Who is the heaviest player ever to play in the EPL?

Paul Robinson - as of march 2007 he weighed 16 stone

Who is the EPL player with highest salary?

It is John terry and frank Lampard. they make about 140,000 pounds a week.

How many somali players play in premier league?

15 player are now on EPL This Year 2011