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The next great band for edge entrance music is Theory. Come to Middlebury, Vermont to hear some of their great music. alter bridge sings his theme song

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Q: Who is the band that plays Edge's entrance music?
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What band plays edges entrance music?

Alter Bridge sing Rated R Superstar's theme song.

Do you know the band that plays edge's entrance music?

Alter bridge

Who is the band that plays edges entrence music?

Alter Bridge are the band who sing Edge's theme song.

Who sings marias entrance music?

the band moon fall sings marias entrance music.

What band edges entrance song?

Alter Bridge sing Edge's entrance song.

Who's the band who does Edge entrance music?

Alter Bridge are the band that sing Edge's entrance theme.

Which band sings Edge's entrance music?

Metalingus by the band Alter Bridge

Whos the band who does Edge entrance music?

The band is Alter Bridge.

What is a klezmer band?

A band that plays Jewish music

What Band Plays Cm Punk's Entrance?

Killswitch Engage

What band sings edges entrance song?

They are called Alter Bridge and the song is called Metallingus.

What kind of band plays snappy music?

A rubber band

Who is the band who does Randy Orton's New Entrance music?

rev theory

What is the name of The Band's TNA entrance music?

Nwo Wolfpac Theme

What is a cover band?

A band that plays (covers) other artists music.

Definition of rock band?

A band that writes rock music only. Therefore they are listed as a band who plays rock music, and is shortened to "Rock band".

Which band sings Edge's entrance song?

Alter Bridge sings Edge's entrance music. The song is called "Metalingus."

What is the name of Jeff hardys tna entrance?

His TNA entrance music is called Modest and it is by Hardy's band Peroxwhy?gen.

What is the band that sings John Cena's entrance music?

John cena and Trademarc

Who's the band which does cryme tyme entrance music?

Crume Tyme's entrance theme song is "Bringin' Da Hood to U" by Jim Johnson, who does a lot of music for the WWE.

What would be cool band names for a band that plays alternative music?


Who's the band that does edge entrance music?

The band that sings Edge's theme song is Alter Bridge.

What type of music does the band The Maine play?

The Maine is a band that plays music for those who like rock or punk. Mostly, The Maine plays punk style of music and has a certain rebellious air of confidence.

What kind of music does the band Cold play?

The band Cold was formed in 1996 and has played a variety of music since then, although they plays mostly Rock music. This band was still in making music in 2010.

Who's the band who does Maria's entrance music?

It is a song called "With Legs Like That" by Zebrahead