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Jerry Rice had 197 in his career, the next on the list is Terrell Owens at 159.

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Q: Who is the all time touchdown wide receiver record?
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What wide receiver has the single season touchdown record?

Jerry Rice

What wide receiver holds the NCAA record for touchdown receptions in a single season?

Jarett Dillard (Senior, Rice University) broke the record for career touchdown receptions this year.

Most touchdown passes between quarterback and wide receiver?

Manning to Harrison

Which nfl wide receiver has most touchdown catches season?

Randy Moss

Who is the sports illustrated touchdown man from the San Diego Chargers?

Wide Receiver John Jefferson

What position is it when the quarterback passes you the ball and you run it to make a touchdown?

a wide receiver or a running back

Who caught Joe Theismann's first NFL touchdown pass?

Wide receiver Tim Paulus.

In 1994 what receiver became the NFL's all-time touchdown leader he also was a contestant on dancing with the starts?

The answer to your question is Jerry Rice, former wide receiver for the San Francisco 49er's/Oakland Raiders

What is the fastest football position?

probably wide receiver because they are in charge of catching a throw from the quarterback and running with it to try and get a touchdown so yeah they have to be really fast. like a new England patriots' wide receiver wes welker watch him sometime. that's about how fast a wide receiver should be

Raven's wide receiver caught the first touchdown in their Super Bowl win?

Brandon StokleyHe caught a 38 yard touchdown reception from QB Trent Dilfer in the first quarter.

How big is the touchdown how long and how wide?

The touchdown is 10 yards big and the touchdown is 30 feet wide!!! BY!!! AWESOME ANSWER BY ME!!!!!!!! :)

What does a wide receiver do?

In football, the wide receiver catches the ball, thrown by the quarterback and then runs toward the end zone in an attempt to score a touchdown or at least get a first down. If, however, the coach signals for a running play-which shows that the running back will be handed the football-the wide recievers will block the defender/s in front of him from trying to tackle the running back. That is what a wide receiver does.

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